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15 Ways To Improve Sleep

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15 Ways To Improve Sleep

Do you want to know how to improve sleep so you can start feeling more energetic, wake up feeling fresher and see better results in/out side the gym?

Then read on to find out 15 ways you can improve sleep.

Sleep is vital in order to aid recovery mentally and physically. Sleep as like a reset button, the more we get the more recovered we feel the next day. This means better work flow, better workouts, better mood and most importantly progress.

Remember to be realistic for a sustainable approach, so experiment with 1 thing at a time, assess and repeat, simplicity gets results.

TIME to improve sleep

1. Try to go to bed and wake up at the same time regularly, our bodies like this regularity so they can release calming hormones before bed, and stimulating hormones to wake up.

2. Try to sleep at least seven hours, work backwards here. If you need to wake up at 5 AM, 10 PM will be the latest you want to hit the pillow.

3. Turn off screens, we recommend turning off screens at least 30 minutes before bed. Screens stimulate your brain and release a blue light that prevents our brain from preparing for sleep. You could also invest in some blue light blocking glasses for before your 30 minute cut off point.

4. De-stress before bed with some light stretching, reading or meditation.

5. Declutter your mind by writing down everything your thinking, from there you can set reminders etc for the next day, write it and forget about it.

6. Expose yourself to sunlight and fresh air during the day, everyday.

7. Moderate alcohol and caffeine consumption, both will hinder your sleep. If you can, avoid caffeine within 8-9 hours of your bedtime.

8. Going to bed before midnight is more inline with natural light cycles.

9. Have a stress-free environment by decluttering your bedroom/house… calming environment = calm mind.

10. Regular exercise can promote restful sleep at night.

11. Listen to binaural beats. Binaural sounds give off a frequency that can help improve sleep quality.

12. Take a warm bath with epsom salts or even a warm/cool shower (which ever you prefer) can promote restful sleep.

13. Keep the room dark and dim the lights around the house if you can. This will start to release the sleeping hormone and make you feel tired.

14. Eat a nutrient dense meal 2-3 hours before bed, avoid going to bed on a full stomach. Also try not to consume too much liquid before bed as this will potentially wake you up more frequently to go to the toilet.

15. Take a ZMA supplement, ZMA is a nutritional supplement that consists of zinc monomethionine aspartate, magnesium aspartate, and vitamin B6. It’s generally taken to increase athletic performance, improve sleep quality, or build muscle.

To Conclude

Sleep should be taken seriously if you want to see better results and feel at your best. Try to implement 1 thing at a time into your lifestyle and see how you feel. Remember they need to become habits in order to see and feel long-lasting results.

Which 1-3 things are you going to get started on first?

Comment below…