At Athletic Pursuit we encourage our clients to eat the foods they love (soul food as we like to call it), that means no restrictions. We need to get out of the habit of thinking about food as being good or bad, because subconsciously you feel guilty if you eat the so called “bad”. Instead, think more nutritious or less nutritious, psychologically this will help you feel less guilty. Making this small adjustment can allow you to enjoy life whilst becoming fit and healthy. You won’t feel like you’re on a diet or strict regime, and besides at the end of the day what is life without all the tasty foods you enjoy with friends and family!

This is the key when it comes to achieving your goals and making nutrition work for you. Allowing yourself to enjoy a pizza with mates, or a few drinks at a family bbq is more likely to keep you on track, as you’ll have less cravings and won’t feel like binging or over doing it. So allowing yourself to consume soul food in small doses has a huge psychological advantage and also physically too, as it can essentially act as a re-feed day. Which is basically where you up your calories every so often when you’re in a prolonged calorie deficit (generally the leaner you are the more frequent you will factor one in), this is to stop your bodies metabolism from slowing down. Doing this can potentially negate yo-yoing in weight, stop any guilty feelings and more importantly help you stay consistent.


Most people do better if there is some sort of structure so implementing the 80/20 rule can help massively. All you have to do is strive to get 80 percent of your food intake in the form of nourishing foods. That means good quality carbs, fats, proteins, fruits and veggies. The other 20 percent you can eat what ever you like. As I’ve mentioned above this is something to strive for and doesn’t have to be perfect and won’t be perfect all the time, but when you have something to aim for things tend to be more consistent. 

Soul food is subjective, for some it might be fast food and others spag bol, if it’s the latter, this is what we like to call a ‘win win’ because it is potentially both nourishing and satisfies your soul food craving. Regardless it is very important to enjoy your food for continual progress.


Whilst we encourage you to eat soul food it’s very important to exercise your discipline. This means knowing when to stop. The more you exercise your discipline the easier it can be to stop. Same goes the other way, the more you give in to instant gratification the harder it can be to stop. You have to think about the bigger picture and your longterm goals. Say to yourself does this extra slice of pizza support my long term goals…? Or create an environment that doesn’t allow you to over do it, like only order the small pizza for example. 


Sometimes we have those occasions when you’re with your mates/family or even when you’re stressed in day to day life. Your eating habits go out of the window. The famous phrase ‘f**k it’ crosses your mind. I’m fully there with you on this one, but to stop feeling guilty there are a couple of things I’d recommend on these occasions. Start thinking damage control and get back on those healthy habits straight away.


Straight after a ‘f**k it’ moment or sometimes before if you’re organised you can cut back on eating (so lower your calories) and maybe up your activity. By pre planning or generally thinking like this you’ll be able to manage your weight, feel better mentally and achieve your goals all whilst still enjoying yourself. So when these occasions pop up don’t panic, because that’s life, just think DAMAGE CONTROL.


The big difference between people who can maintain a healthy physique is… they will get straight back into their healthy eating habits, as fast as possible. Mentally if you eat a healthy meal or do something active straight after a ‘f**k it’ moment you’ll feel much better and the guilty feeling will subside. Your healthy habits will spring back into action and all will be forgotten. 



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