Working with an online coach could be all you need to see long lasting results. Are you tired of second guessing the plan you’re on? Or maybe you just feel lost with little to no progress… Our coach will get you back on track.

Do you want to acquire the skills and strength you’ve always wanted, break through plateaus, come back from injuries or life obstacles, and love your training more than ever before? Great, our coaches will be with you every step of the way supporting, motivating and holding you accountable.

Your training is designed specifically for you and easily accessed through our app, this means it can be adapted to suit your situation. Maybe you can’t make it to the gym because you’re travelling, don’t worry our coach can update your workout to what ever equipment you have (or don’t have). Feel exhausted because work is busy? Your coach can change your workout to a more suitable intensity or make it a rest day.

Form and technique is at the forefront of our practice and as well as an initial assessment we also perform a training assessment through video calls to highlight any injuries, imbalances and mobility issues. Once we have a clearer picture of how your body moves we can design a program that meets your individual needs, keep it challenging, fun, but most importantly safe.

Are you ever left wondering, am I eating the right amount of food for my needs/goals? Your coach will bridge the gap between your training and nutrition, whilst also making sure you’re sleeping well and recovering between sessions too.


Below are some key features of our lean program that help our clients achieve long lasting results…

Personalised training

Athletic Pursuit helps all people of all levels look good and move well in all phases of life. Once you’ve done your initial assessment and training assessment we can look at customising a plan to suit your wants, needs and ability. Training can be adapted at any point to fit in with your lifestyle, priorities or any changes to your goals. Every client will have access to our app where they can access all of their training. Includes: Video demos, Workout feedback where needed, Specific weakness development and Adaptable for all levels / Abilities / Equipment.

Custom nutrition

At athletic pursuit we do not believe in a one size fits all approach when it comes to nutrition, but we do believe in helping you find out what works best for you. Whether you want to completely change your eating habits or slowly make a few tweaks over time, your coach will align your nutrition plan to your training and overall goals, and make sure it feels sustainable and enjoyable. Talk to your coach about accountability in ways that work for you – whether that’s tracking food on a daily basis or just a once in awhile check in on how things are going.

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With any approach you take, you will inevitably experience forms of stress on the body and mind. Whether that be from training, pressure at work, stresses of a hectic family life, and all kinds of challenges we face on a day to day basis. This is why we make it a priority to also focus on your recovery, such as, tailored training specific to you with recovery/rest days, meal timing, eating whole foods, ways to improve and maintain quality sleep, and practical methods to unwind and destress for a calmer mind.

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If you’d like to talk to us about our online foundation program or just have a question then please email us or book a free phone consultation…


1. Initial assessment

The initial assessment is to find out about your background and your goals. You will be sent this form via a link to start filling in on your own and then going over it with your coach via video call or over the phone. You and your coach will then collaborate and work backwards from your goal, creating the first actionable step that’s going kick start the process.

2. Training assessment

The training assessment is done over a video call and takes a look at three key areas, these being, your mobility, your posture and your fitness levels. Your coach can also watch your training videos and give you feedback, and answering questions along the way. Once this assessment has been completed your coach will better understand your body and what it needs in order to safely progress. Your training program will then be created and added to your app.

3. Custom plan

From here you will start executing your plan, which is ongoing and will/can be adapted to what ever life throws at you, your coach is just a message or phone call away. Talk to your coach about accountability in ways that work for you – whether that’s checking in weekly or just a once in awhile check in to see how things are going.


Behaviours are the key factor to achieving any goal and this is at the forefront of our coaching approach, helping you master key behaviours will not only get you lean but set you up for a lifetime of health, wellness and fitness.

    • Replacing processed foods with whole, minimally processed foods (such as fruit and vegetables)
    • Building a roster of high-quality, nutrient-rich foods that the client enjoys and will reliably eat.
    • Supplementing to fix basic deficiencies
    • Creating meal templates that cover the bases (e.g. protein, healthy fats, colourful plants) 
    • Addressing any major “nutrient leaks” (e.g. nutrient depletion from activity or medications, GI malabsorption)
    • Drink more water
    • Exploring better quality drink options
    • Cutting back on alcohol; adjusting social behaviours
    • Creating satisfying, nutrient-rich meals and eating them properly – slowly, mindfully, with enjoyment. 
    • Slowing things down and eat slower
    • Appetite awareness 
    • Creating a regular, balanced eating schedule
    • Creating “normal” healthy, balanced eating habits and mindset (for eating disorders)
    • Awareness of physical fullness and satiety
    • Appropriate portion sizing
    • Separating food from feelings; learning to regulate and express their emotions in healthier ways
    • Adding activity to your daily lives and building consistent exercise habits
    • Balancing intensity and recovery; addressing chronic injuries or tightness.
    • Building a sleep ritual and good sleep behaviours
    • Sleeping 7-9 hours per night consistently 
    • Boosting nutritional quality
    • Adding regular recovery-type activities (e.g. massage, yoga)
    • Learning to cook and prepare food
    • Learning to shop efficiently and effectively; being an informed food consumer
    • Learning to communicate effectively and clearly, learning to define boundaries and expectations with others
    • Planning and preparation; time management; thinking proactively
    • Making choices on a continuum; trying to be ‘just a little bit better’; looking for incremental improvement
    • Having self compassion
    • Adopting a growth mindset (anything is possible; just keep practicing and trying)
    • Achieving consistency
    • Slowing down, prioritising, being more mindful and choice-full 
    • Creating environments and surroundings that support their goals
    • Making better choices simple, easy and convenient
    • Find fit friends and team members 


Take a look at some of our clients transformations and testimonials…


You can sign up to our Lean Program by paying in bulk or monthly direct debit, you can also try our services by signing up for a 7 day free trial…






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See what questions we get asked frequently before people sign up…

  • The great thing about the lean program is that anyone would benefit from it. The program is completely customisable to your wants, needs and goals. Don’t worry about things being too difficult, your coach works together with you through an initial assessment to conjure a plan that is unique to you and your ability.

  • This is largely dependant on you and your schedule, the training can be adapted to 2, 3, 4, or 5 sessions per week. You and your coach will both create a training schedule that works best for you. Your schedule may also change over time, and your coach can adjust your plan accordingly.

  • Our coach has a precision nutrition certificate and has years of experience coaching sustainable methods that help clients perform better inside and outside the gym, feel healthier and look better too.  Our approach is not a one size fits all, nutrition is largely based on behaviours and knowledge, with some clients needing help with reducing processed foods and replacing them with whole foods and knowing how to cook them. Other clients may need to drink more water and a details macronutrient plan. Your coach will provide all the information and accountability you need to form habits that support your needs and give you the confidence to make great nourishment part of your everyday routine.

  • Whether you have a nagging injury from the past or a new issue pops up, your coach will make sure you are training safely and as pain free as possible. Your coach can program recovery workouts and recommend lifestyle practices that promote healing, and incorporate movements to work around your injuries and strengthen you over time. There is almost always a way to keep moving safely, and your coach will guide you through the process so you won’t have to guess how to modify workouts on your own.

  • Your coach will be checking your workout results frequently throughout the week to answer any questions that come up and provide coaching notes if needed. The more information you add to your workouts in the TrueCoach app, the more your coach will be able to give feedback and fine tune your program. If appropriate for you, coaches will also add a weekly check-in to your program to see how your training, nutrition, and lifestyle factors such as stress and sleep are going. Your coach will also have a 30-45 minute Zoom call with you once per month, which is a great opportunity to make sure you are loving your program and to plan ahead for the next phase.

  • We are committed to forming deep and lasting relationships with our clients, this is why the foundation program is a four month process. Once the four months are up you and your coach can discuss the best next step, we have additional training phases that can be added. Clients who want to stay on and work with us for longer can do so and at a discounted rate.

  • Step one decide wether you’d like to work with us online or in person. Step two click on the appropriate ‘online coaching’ or ‘in person coaching’ price option pages for more details. Step three pay and sign up. From there you will be directed to fill in your initial assessment followed by a video call with your coach.

    If you’d like to talk to our coaches before you sign up please fill in the free consultation form on our contact page.