Personal training in Kensington, our packages take a hybrid approach, combining online coaching and personal training tools together to form a pretty unstoppable package.

Within our coaching system we have four pillars, these being strength, conditioning, nutrition and recovery. We believe in order for you to achieve your goals and be at your best you need to be practicing elements from each pillar consistently. It is up to you how far you want to take it, and this is what we help our clients discover. We can show you how to optimise each pillar for optimal results, which may require bigger sacrifices.

Or if you aren’t that fussed about optimising your results and would prefer to take it slower and make less sacrifices, this is also something we can help you with. Some people want balance where they can see results but still enjoy themselves and some people want to go all in and get in phenomenal shape, through our coaching packages we teach our clients the tools so they are able to do both when the time comes.

1-1 Personal Training Kensington

Working with our personal trainer very closely in a 1-1 formate will enable  us to attentively look at your wants and needs, steering you down the right path mentally and physically, so you can start feeling more energetic, strong, lean, functional and healthy.

Get In Touch

If you’d like to talk to us about 1-1 personal training or just have a question then please email us or book a free phone consultation…

Goal specific programming

Every client will have access to our app where they can access all of their training. Includes:
Video demos
Workout feedback where needed
Specific weakness development
Adaptable for all levels / Abilities / Equipment

Goal specific nutrition protocols

You will receive tailored protocols based on your needs, likes, dislikes, daily routine and goals. This process gears towards teaching our clients about nutrition so they can optimise health and achieve their goals, all whilst not feeling restricted.

Personal Training Kensington

Personal training sessions

1-1 personal training sessions at a private studio (Prevail studio in Kensington), your home, or in a park near you. Outside of Kensington? Get in touch and let’s see if we can make it work.

1 to 1 coaching guidance

General guidance and weekly check-ins via phone or FaceTime are a vital part of our coaching system, this is to discuss your progress, ensure you’re on track and to make any alterations necessary to your training, nutrition or recovery.


Cardio Equipment: Assault Bike, Concept2 Rowing Machine, Treadmill

Resistance kit: Half rack, Olympic weights and dumbbells, Kettlebells, Keiser Functional Trainer, Gladiator Wall with attachments, Benches

As well as: TRX suspension trainers, Swiss balls and BOSU ball, Battle rope, Dedicated stretching area

Private studios – Kensington and Chelsea

Personal training Kensington
St Mary Abbots Court, Warwick Gardens London, W14 8RA

How it works

Book a free consultation or contact us via email so we can discuss the best plan for you based on your goals. When you sign up to personal training a one off payment is made based on the packages below.

Once the payment has been made you will be directed to fill out an initial assessment. After this you and your coach will have a chat and conjure a plan to attack your goals, making it a collaborative process. Your coach will then get to work creating your plan, and making sure the necessary protocols are in place, this normally takes 1-4 days. Finally you and your coach will book your sessions in and get started.

£90 per session


£80 per session


£75 per session