Our Versatile Programme is great for those who want to get lean, strong, functional, athletic and healthy. The all round athlete! Over the course of this programme you will be getting stronger in the key lifts, pushing the hypertrophy work (bodybuilding) to build a physique you’re proud of and you’ll also be exposed to some of our finishers and conditioning workouts to create complete fitness.

The coaching app

Our coaching app allows you to view your workouts, exercise demonstrations, track your results, view your previous results, literally all your training in one place. Training is updated in the app weekly, you’ll always be ready to attack it.

Direct access to your group and coaches

We will always be on hand to answer any of your questions, let us know how you are getting on, and always tell us when you make a PB or if you have achieved your goals. We love to hear it. You’ll also have access to the Versatile community group where you can interact with other members.

Get the most out of your training

The Versatile programme is made up of 5 workouts per week, 4 of which will focus on strength, hypertrophy (bodybuilding) and metcon finishers. The other session is a conditioning workout focussing on building your overall work capacity/cardio levels. Sometimes this can change to test you in different ways and to keep things fun and interesting.

What is included?

5 weekly sessions 60-90min
Access to the Coaching app
Training designed around a full gym style set up (must have access to dumbbells, barbells and some form of cardio)
Ability to track your results and update your coach


Versatile Programme updates
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